Last Chance for Christmas

Hilarie as Annie

Genre: Family, Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: December 6, 2015
Running Time: 1h 27min
Director: Gary Yates
Screenplay: Mike Bell, Gary Yates
Cast: Hilarie Burton, Gabriel Hogan, Tim Matheson, Lola Flanery, Jayne Eastwood, Derek McGrath, K. Trevor Wilson, James Wallis, …


When Prancer injures his hoof, and Santa’s stable hand, John, must find a fill in to ensure Christmas deliveries go off without a hitch. His mission gets complicated when he discovers that Frankie, the perfect substitute reindeer, belongs to a precocious 8-year-old girl and her mother Annie. As he races to get Frankie up to the North Pole, he realizes that he’s actually falling in love with Annie and has to find a way to win her over and save Christmas at the same time.


  • The movie was shot in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.