Summer Villa

Hilarie as Terry Russell

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Release Date: July 23, 2016
Running Time: 1h 24min
Director: Pat Kiely
Screenplay: Carrie Lee Wilson, Emi Mochizuki
Cast: Hilarie Burton, Victor Webster, Emorphia Margaritis, Joseph Bellerose, Brittany Drisdelle, Cristina Rosato, Jocelin Haas, …


Unlike the adventurous protagonists in her books, Terry Russell, a famed New York romance novelist, has stopped pursuing love. As she struggles with a career-threatening case of writer’s block, Terry’s editor, Leslie, sets her up on a blind date with her brother, Matthew Everston, a charismatic celebrity chef. Reluctantly, Terry meets Matthew at his trendy upscale restaurant, but the date quickly turns sour when she dismisses him as an arrogant womanizer. Later, Dominic Barone, a powerful New York Times food critic, writes a scathing review of Matthew’s cooking, destroying his prosperous career. Meanwhile, Leslie, hoping to inspire Terry, invites her to spend the upcoming summer at her family’s picturesque villa in France. When Terry arrives at the villa, along with her angst-ridden teenage daughter, Abby, she is unhappily surprised to find Matthew there, recovering from the traumatic effects of Dominic’s review. Immediately, Terry and Matthew lock horns.

Over the summer, Matthew gives Abby cooking lessons and Terry becomes smitten with him as she writes her latest novel and watches him bond with her daughter. After Terry is asked out by Jean Luc, a charming local chef, Matthew becomes jealous and, wanting to impress her, accepts a challenge to participate in a prestigious cooking competition slated to be judged by Dominic Barone. When Matthew wins the competition, thus earning him a glowing review from Dominic, his triumph attracts a series of high-profile and lucrative career offers. Convinced that Matthew will be swept away by the celebrity lifestyle, a heartbroken Terry decides to return to New York with her now completed novel. But when Matthew reads — and is deeply moved by — her book chronicling a tale of romance, he offers to turn down his impending superstardom and begin a family life with Terry and Abby. Now the romance novelist must decide if she’s ready to adopt her literary characters’ sense of adventure and finally take a chance on love.


Terry is the loving mother of a teenage daughter and a bestselling romance novelist. Sounds pretty great, except Terry’s in a slump. Not only can she not find inspiration for her next book, her personal life is non-existent. If Terry’s going to turn a corner she might need to experience some adventure, before she can write about it.


  • The movie was shot in Montréal, Québec, Canada.